The Real Foodie

Month: January, 2013

Real Food for Kids


A T-shirt I passed in the window display of a children’s clothing store in Buenos Aires, stating the real foods kids should be eating!

Fish Market Manantiales, Punta del Este, Uruguay


Olivia, my husband and I drove up the coast of Uruguay after staying at my husband’s family’s farm, to spend the weekend in the beach town of Punta del Este. While looking for places to have dinner we came across this seafood restaurant which was by far the best restaurant we had been to in the area of La Barra and we loved it so much we returned the next day for lunch. The food was simple, healthy and delicious! The scene was laid back, bohemian chic and it was always packed. It was all outdoor seating surrounded by white and blue agapanthus, a small pond, green picnic tables under a white wooden slatted roof, an open kitchen; and umbrellas and bench pillows decorated with Roberta Freymann’s Roberta Roller Rabbit line of printed fabrics. I ordered a salad of sliced peaches with cherry tomatoes, mint and parsley and a main course of Abadejo: a pollock like fish, cooked a la plancha which came with an amazing side salad of cherry tomatoes, shaved pieces of red cabbage, fennel, carrots, spring onion, dill, parsley and sesame seeds in a lemon vinaigrette.

The next day we came back for lunch with Olivia and ordered the same fish, which she polished off almost entirely and a cold beetroot soup, which came with a firm scoop of mascarpone and crumbled pistachios on top. We left feeling satisfied and nourished, not full and regretful like I usually do after eating out. I will definitely be going back again on our next trip and would highly recommend it to anyone going to Punta del Este.